Thursday, October 11, 2018

Black Swallow of Death


Anonymous said...

An amazing story!

("Discovered" "The History Guy" a few months ago. Love it!)

Skoonj said...

That was a good story. Imagine if he his family had moved to the North, like NYC, instead of the Democrat-infested Georgia. He might never have felt the need to go to France. Or maybe he would still have gone. No one can tell.

Eskyman said...

It sure is good that no other country has ever been racist or mistreated someone of different ethnicity. Nope, it's always America, we're just the most racist bunch of rednecked loons ever to walk the earth; racist, sexist, just no good at all. According to CNN, we haven't changed! No, we're still the worst of the worst.

It's surprising that any people of color stayed here, they were all mistreated so badly and so often, and every other country on the planet is a bastion of freedom in comparison to this crappy nation- especially France, that's why so many folks flee from here & go there. Don't they? Others are swarming down to Cuba, hoping for freedom that they'll never see here. Michael Moore is on his way real soon now, isn't he?

At least that's the consistent story I get from TV shows. Which probably has something to do with the reason I cut the cable over a decade ago.

This man has a wonderful heroic story; I wonder what it would be without the anti-American spin?

Anonymous said...


If his family had moved to New York instead, he most likely would've become
a member of the all Black 369th Infantry. A New York National Guard unit.
A all Black unit from Harlem, New York that fought alongside of the French also
during World War I.

Known as the "Harlem Hell Fighters". During segregation American
units refused to have them fight with them, so they fought alongside the French
with Distinction.

Even though they were a all Black unit, they were lead by a white Commanding
Officer, Hamilton Frisk III, who's son would later become a U.S. Congressman. The
unit still exist today, in Harlem, stationed in the 5th Avenue Armory. They have
served in both Afghanistan and Iraq with multiple activation's for both.


Skoonj said...

Geo, the commander was Hamilton Fish III, and it was he who became a member of Congress in 1920. Served there until Jan 1945. He was a Republican, and disliked FDR.

The 369th did indeed fight in WW1. However, we only sent them in 1917. That's three years after the French and British were fighting.

His grandson, Hamilton Fish V ran for Congress in 1988. He derided his grandson as a communist, and contributed $100 to his Republican opponent.

Anonymous said...

Skoonj, I stand corrected, I was going by memory and wrongly typed the name.

Hamilton Fish Jr was a member of Congress also, he represented parts of Northern Westchester and Putnam Counties in New York. He retired sometime in the 1990's from Congress. The rift was between FDR and Hamilton Fish Sr, that was his Father, who also served in Congress.

The family has a long history in that area. One of the Newburgh Beacon Bridges which spans the Hudson River is named after the Grandfather or Father not sure which. I lived in that district for years.

I've had several friends who served in the 369th Battalion. Several of them even deployed with unit in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are now and have been a Transportation Unit for a long time, but still carry the lineage.


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