Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Clip and save

Ben Shapiro is perhaps the savviest debater out there, by here is my nomination for the best constitutional primer  ever.


ck said...

Never Trumper, David Hogg's long lost twin? No thanks. Will he work on Hillary's 2020 campaign?

Sarge said...

He's nothing more than a weasel !

Chris in NC said...

ck, he's come around to Trump. Has said that although he wishes Trump had more decorum there is no doubt his policies are great.

ck said...

I've been following him since he was 17. Liked him at first but now I'm fully onboard with Ace on lil ben. Zman has written about him too.

Eskyman said...

He's sometimes great, like when he's speaking & someone questions him; he's quick with a devastating comeback.

He really missed the boat on the Fake Bomb scare tho; he said people who called this a false flag, which it was, were "deranged."

He's still got the whiff of a NeverTrumper to me, so I pay little attention to him.

Steve in Greensboro said...

Did the Littlest Chickenhawk ever get into Michelle Fields pants? I would have thought he would have gotten something as a reward for white-knighting her in the horrible, almost Nazi-like Corey Lewandowski "bumping" incident.

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