Friday, October 05, 2018

Criminally Vicious Left Wing MFCS

Click Click


Juice said...

You know that Click Click is seeming perfectly justified of late. After all, they don't respect our laws anyway, so they shouldn't mind.

Skoonj said...

Yesterday Rush covered the Kavanaugh issue deeply. He even had several items about Ford that I hadn't heard from anyone else. There was the case of her old friend, Leland Keyser, who would not provide support for the allegation (she said she was blindsided by Ford's use of her as a witness). One oddity was that Ford's letter with the original complaint called Leland Keyser a male, when she is a female. The letter, therefore, could not have been written by Ford, who would not have made that mistake.

Rush got into the weeds, with information that many of the characters who have been a part of the deep state coup against Donald Trump. In other words, though this seems like a separate issue, it is really the same issue, with the same army of traitors.

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