Saturday, November 10, 2018




MMinWA said...

I think you're looking at this from the wrong side of the fence. It's an unmitigated success and worked pretty much the way their evil minds intended.

Drew458 said...

After all, the important thing isn't to know how to do actual math. The important thing is to understand how the numbers feel, and know that it's all racist sexist patriarchy anyway, plus Bush and Trump.

Which is why these latest generations are dumber than half a box of rocks.

Skoonj said...

Tom Lehrer explained new math in the 60s. No need to go further.

Gregory said...

I saw the same thing. I was subbing in an 8th-grade math class a while back and reading the material the teacher left to me before class, I couldn't figure out what-in-the-hell was going on. But the math pages had problems that could be solved with real simple algebra. So, I spent the day showing the kids the straight-up math. At one point a boy said, "Well, that's the first time I ever learned anything in THIS class." A kind of kudo for me I think. But our schools really are doing a terrible job if they have to keep with that common core stuff. It makes math way harder than it should be.

Anonymous said...

I myself miss half-white Alfred E. Neuman Dear Leader Oombama.

toadold said...

" Damn Your Eyes Plagerize " Tom Lehrer : Back in the days when information was on Dead Trees I remember reading that a number of prestigious prep schools would not hire math teachers from education universities. Their requirements for math teacher was that they had to have a Masters in Math . "We can teach them how to teach, but they have to understand the subject before they can teach it. "

Anonymous said...

^"...they have to understand the subject before they can teach it."
You nailed it toad!
A couple months ago I looked over my HS yearbook. The faculty pic listed names and credentials of the teachers - all were BA, BS, MA, MS and a few PhD's in the subject they taught. All were subject matter experts, and acquired their teaching credentials after acquiring their degrees through what we now call "Continuing Education" courses. I know this to be true because my grandfather was one of them; he had a masters from Harvard in 1928, a time when most people were lucky to finish 10th grade.
Education degrees, the Federal government and title inflated *spit*educators*spit are a curse and a cruel joke on our children.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Sabre22 said...

We should go back to the curriculum that won us 2 World wars take a look at the curriculum for 1910 and see what that was like. We won wars and put men on the moon with this style of Curriculum once and we can do it again.

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