Wednesday, November 14, 2018



Anonymous said...

It is unsafe for me to express my deep disgust, anger, and sorrow for the country we are watching get destroyed.

Drew458 said...

WTF is wrong with my country? We are committing suicide. It's been this way since 1964. Thank you Ted Kennedy. PS the rules of asylum say you apply in the first country you get to. You don't get a free pass through 4 other nations.

Shoot these bastards, or at least turn them away. At least 20% of the population inside our borders shouldn't be here AT ALL. Throw them all the hell out, at the point of a bayonet if necessary. No anchor babies either. I. Don't. Care. I feel no guilt because our nation sucks less than others, and I have no shame that we have built this country through hard work, ingenuity, and God's blessings. Nothing is stopping those lazy schlubs in other places from doing the same where they live. We don't need the dregs. We'll take your brain surgeons, business leaders, and top engineers though. Everyone else, no thanks. Go be poor and stupid in your own country.

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