Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Because when all is said and done, Apple is DEEP STATE

1 am not making this up

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Murphy(AZ) said...

These next two years will reveal horrors common citizens never thought possible. there are invading armies at our borders, our leaders are shredding the Constitution, many of them are lining up to take all we have worked so hard for and give it to the lazy and the lawless.

How long before someone refuses to bend to the onslaught and stands his ground to the end? How long until the resistance leaves the airwaves and the keyboards and takes to the streets?

Things are going to get much worse than we have ever seen, and it will happen very soon, I'm afraid. I fear for the children and grandchildren and those yet to come because so many of us chose to "go along to get along" when we should have got right in the faces of those who will destroy our country and screamed "HELL NO!"

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