Friday, February 08, 2019

Roberts Strikes Again. SPIT

Whatever it is that Dems have over Roberts has to be a doozy.  Like video of him screwing a possum, or a Kenya birth certificate? CurmudgeonlySkeptical


FishStyx said...

Whats the old saw?
...a dead prostitute or a live boy...?

He has either faked his way through his entire career or they're holding a theoretical gun to his head.
Would be VERY interesting to know which scenario we're watching.

Anonymous said...

IT'S his ILLEGALLY ADOPTED IRISH KIDS! He circumvented the laws of Ireland against allowing adoption outside of Ireland. He went through some back door South Africa(?) illegal transaction. He needs busting and replacing, NOW!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Anon ... hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

The day Kennedy retired, I said Roberts would take his place and become
the swing vote. This asshole doesn't like controversy. His vote on
obozoKare showed his colors.

Trump needs another appointment.........NOW!


Murphy(AZ) said...

I note the ruling was 5-4. Is Ruthie back?

Is she...REALLY???

Eskyman said...


Ruthie is a shade of her former self; you might even say she's an emanation, or perhaps a penumbra, and the Court has already ruled that these are acceptable.

So now we have the spectre of Ruthie, who will deliver a phantasm of legal opinion while she works from home in her garden, examining radishes from below. After all, there's nothing in law that says a Justice must be corporeal, is there?

As to Roberts, he's the swing judge that I'd like to see swinging from the yardarm!

Anonymous said...

Exactly when did RBG vote???

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