Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The most anti Obama (and therefore smartest) congressional district in Free America



MMinWA said...

My county in w Texas went 3-1 for Romney and considering Lamesa, the county seat, is heavily Latino, I guess that's not bad. Most of w Texas was about 4+-1 so we're weren't too far off.

But King County kicks butt.

My neighbor, a Latino(of course) was telling us how great his new job is at a local sand company that supplies it's products to frackers. He's making $30/hr, 3x what he was making before they built their new facility.

I come out one day before the last election to see several BETO signs in his front yard.

That would be the same BETO who promised to crush the energy boom now taking place here.


MAX Redline said...

Great report - just a bit late.

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