Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The EU just killed the internet ..

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Press Release: Censorship machine takes over EU’s internet


3 posted on 3/26/2019, 6:42:46 PM by gattaca ("Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives." Ronald Reagan)

To: ducttape45

I believe this action has already been attempted in the USA during the 0bama years and it went nowhere. Perhaps the Fair Use Doctrine had something to do with stopping it.

4 posted on 3/26/2019, 6:43:15 PM by Hostage (Article V)

To: ducttape45

I doubt they are going to be able to enforce it.


toadold said...

I smell the deft hand of Muslims in this.

Eskyman said...

This is of very great concern. Censorship is becoming blatant everywhere. Just recently Australia & New Zealand, both ostensibly free countries, banned the viewing, possession or transmission of the NZ mosque shooter's video, which was supposedly live-streamed. Neither country has a Bill of Rights or anything similar.

That video, IMHO, is a hoax; but the governments there prevented ISPs and telecoms from letting their customers view it to see for themselves, and threaten prison for anyone violating their edict. For some reason it's still OK to view all manner of horrendous ISIS videos showing graphic beheadings & slaughter, but not the NZ shooter's video.

I do not advocate for anyone to break the law, but as (thank God!) I am in a country that is still free, I watched the NZ mosque shooting video, and it is a phony. If it's legal for anyone to watch it as I did, please see for yourself; it isn't graphic or gory, but it's been banned so that you won't see just how poorly done a fake it is. Cartridge cases disappear in mid-air, shotgun blasts don't put holes in glass windscreens, etc.

The motives that I see are gun control and dhimmitude. Here's more from someone who's closely analyzed it: https://www.kurthaskell.com/blog/why-i-now-believe-the-new-zealand-event-was-a-complete-hoax-with-zero-dead

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Well said

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