Saturday, March 23, 2019

Today’s Punter

Women’s Aussie rules football star Tayla Harris says she was “sexually abused” by online trolls making repulsive comments about a picture of the 21-year-old in action.

Photographer Michael Willson captured a particularly remarkable shot showing Harris in full swing having punted the ball at goal while playing for Carlton in an AFL women’s league game against the Western Bulldogs at the weekend.

The image was shared on social media by broadcaster the Seven Network, only to receive a torrent of abuse, much of which was sexual in nature.

The bare fax 


Cheezy said...

Some men are just that way - the rest of us who aren't shouldn't have to pay for that either.

Steve in Greensboro said...

Unlike a lot of "women's sports" stars, at least she's not a guy.

Eskyman said...

Just a thought- but maybe she should wear underwear, if she doesn't like people discussing the goods she's got exposed.

If she's cool about letting it all hang out, then it doesn't bother me; but that's her choice, as the feminazis are always telling me, and she should expect comments!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I like her the way she is. Just saying.

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