Tuesday, April 02, 2019

A mannafestow

I’ve been running this blog on my iPad for the last six or seven months.  It’s been a bitch, but so was working off of  the Win 10 monstrosity. Last Week I  flat wiped my win 10 and reinstalled it from scratch.  It’s driving me nuts.  I refuse to use Edge, and that decision, like before, has done triggered  Microsoft’s death squad killer commandos. Fkm.  I will prevail.. eventually.  I’m just saying. Oh, the fact that my razor sharp memory has somewhat dulled doesn’t help matters.  

Forgot what I was saying, so I’m erasing this whole post.  Dammit.   


Unknown said...

Win10 is the best excuse -of many - MS has ever come up with to switch to linux. I did, and have not looked back. You should try it.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I did try it a few years ago, but that computer died and I was no in the mood .... and still not ... to go through that rigmarole again.

Chuck Pergiel said...

I don't futz with trying to fix broken computers anymore. Last couple of times I ran into problems I bought refurbished HP compact desktop machines from Amazon for about $100. Yeah, I know, $100! That's almost like real money! For me, compared to the pain of trying to fix / reinstall Windows, it was a deal. So far (a couple of years anyway) they are still running fine. Also, I installed Linux Mint on mine. It took some adjusting (on my part), but it is pretty trouble-free.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

The computer works, the ignition is faulty

rickn8or said...

Since Windows 7 loses support in January, I tried a free Windows 10 upgrade. HAY-ted-dit! The biggest gripe I had against it was that for the last five years, I've been using their "Briefcase" feature to archive my spreadsheets, documents and and uh, "picture and video files".

Windows 10 sez "We, uh YOU don't do briefcases for free anymore. Now you can send all your personal files to Teh Cloud and we'll charge you for it."

So I'm making the plunge with Linux Mint, and I think I'm going to be like Jim O'Neil about not looking back. I've been playing with it for a couple-three weeks on a couple of old clunker Dell Laptops (D-610's) and I'm about to make the big jump to my other laptop (Dell E-6500) and my desktop (Dell Optiplex 960)

My big concern at first was whether or not Libre Office would work and save my .docx and .xlsx files and it turns out I can go from Word and Excel to Libre Office and back to Word and Excel with no problem.

Yes, it's a little different and a little aggravating to set up at first, but once you quit trying to make it into Windows and get it right, then it STAYS right. You can keep your old friends Firefox and its derivatives (Pale Moon, Waterfox, etc.) and Thunderbird. The info is out there to pull your configuration and e-mail files over from Windows FF and TB to Linux FF and TB and march right along with no discontinuities.

There is also information out there to help you, unlike Microsoft's "Help". Notably this guy, who put the final nail in the Windows coffin for me and I've learned a bunch since with this:

and a bunch of YouTube videos. He isn't the only source of help either.

Come on over to The Dark Side. (We've got bacon and scotch.)

toadold said...

The only way I can live with Windows 10 is to have about a 1T hard drive that all the Microcrap will download to and a Macafart anti-virus running. Windows defender is crap. You can find some refurbished/used computers to run Mint on that might work for you?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

If it’s Tuesday, it’s time to say I hate windows guts

Brian E. said...

If it’s a day ending in “y”, it’s time to say “I hate Windows guts”.

There, I fixed it for ‘ya.

Ralph Gizzip said...

A couple of years ago I wiped my hard drive (after backing up my documents, pix, and music) installed Linux MINT v18.x I comes pre-loaded with Firefox, Libre Office, and a bunch of other goodies.
You can also burn an ISO image of a 64 bit version (mine's a 32 bit)
Try it. You'll like it.

Antiquary8 said...

I also hated Win 10, after updating from Win 7. Change for the sake of change.
One solution is to install "Classic Shell". It makes the interface look like Win 7 again,
except that their is now an icon of a sea shell on the Start button.

Another solution to the madness is to run "Windows God Mode", which just involves
adding a new folder on the c: drive and renaming it the special, complicated name, which you will find after Googling for "Windows God Mode".
It will put all the user interfaces in one place, accessible from that folder.
This must be what the Microsoft guys use on their own machines, instead of suffering like we poor, despised, Windows "users".

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