Thursday, April 11, 2019

Either Doug Kenney motivates you or not. Go for it


Anonymous said...

P.J. O'Rourke's work for the National Lampoon was funny stuff.

Leonard Jones said...

I was a HUGE fan of the National Lampoon Magazine almost from the beginning.
Animal House evolved from an article called Pinto's First Lay and expanded
later (or earlier) in a magazine special, The 1964 High School Year Book Parody.
Doug Kenny passed away in about 1980. O'Rourke went on to become one of the
greatest living humorists.

I have Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead in my video library and three of their
greatest magazine specials. One note about Nat-Lamp, one of their magazine
covers features a dog with a gun pointed to his head. It also appeared on
a book about the staff at Nat-Lamp. A female cousin of mine was shitting
kittens about this image. She is an animal lover of the highest order, but
she had no idea it was a parody. If my memory has not been completely
obliterated by alcohol abuse, the dog belonged to Doug Kenny!

I may be a book or two behind the curve but I have read everything P J O'Rourke
has ever written.

I will watch this on one condition. O'Rourke has been un-personed for the
last several decades. If someone does not play him, I will not watch it
because he was one the best writers for Nat-Lamp.

Buy This Magazine (or book) Or We'll Shoot The Dog was a brilliant marketing
ploy. My cousin never read a copy of the National Lampoon!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

My man!

MMinWA said...

I was also a NatLamp fan for pretty much their entire run. PJ's columns were about the first thing I'd go to. I have 5 or 6 of his books and they are excellent. I believe he wrote one comparing different counties and ideologies that stands out. Something came over him when Trump came on the scene and I've totally lost interest.

They let everyone, on every side have both barrels. Can you imagine the hair on fire reactions these days if such a group were operating? Oh man, it's a comedy goldmine out here.

I remember one of those black & white cartoons with the busty woman. She came upon 2 barrels and wondered what was in them. She opened one, said there's nothing here and walked off. A brilliant metaphor...for what exactly I'm not sure though.

There was also another writer whose name I can't place who wrote some pretty evil stuff. Another monthly must read.

Seems like 100 lifetimes ago.

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