Thursday, May 30, 2019

And so it continues

Ring up any old New York crime movie where shopkeepers muscled into paying protection in order to stay in business from being blown up.  Same thing.


Cuzzin Rick said...

GREAT to see you back, and in true form, Rodge!

Cuzzin Rick

Skoonj said...

Thank you Raja.

ScooterMan said...

In spite of, or maybe, because of their accents, more American than those elitists bastards on the left.

Anonymous said...

The "theatre establishment" is SO Leftist! and SO hypocritical! Didn't they get all ga-ga over a play that urged the assassination of Pres. Bush?

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku P.S. Welcome back, Raja! We were worried aboutcha!

greggBC said...

If she would shut up, stop interrupting, Might be able to understand what the man is saying. People, reshoot the video and decide ahead whom will speak and whom will stand quietly and nod.

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