Thursday, July 25, 2019

GOOGLE manipulating votes? Say it ain’t so...

Cuzzin ricky


Skoonj said...

Yes, they have been trying very hard. I don't think they will stop Trump this time, any more than they stopped him last time.

Nice to see a new post, Raja.

Anonymous said...

I was starting to have C&S withdrawal. Glad you are back my liege. While Cruz is not always on board, he really gets this one. I quit using Chrome due to it being Google's. I wish I could eliminate Android from my phone but, then the damn thing won't work. Google is insidious as is Farcebook. Phuck Zuck and cannot come up with one for Brin. They are evil m-fers and deserve the chair. Rant off.


Eskyman said...

Big Tech scares me even more than Democrats do, and of course they're working to censor or ban anyone to the right of Karl Marx so that is basically giving massive election help to those same unhinged Democrats. This can't go on, or this country (and others) is in grave danger!

As to using Gooble- I uninstalled Chrome from my PC when I discovered it was always running in the background, sending my data back to its mothership; I also run Lineage OS on my Android phone, which unties my phone from the evil of Gooble; check at to see if you can run Lineage on your Android phone too.

DuckDuckGo is my search engine and I use both Opera and Pale Moon as browsers; for email is secure and non-Goople. And of course I don't and won't have any Alexa, Siri, Echo devices or "intelligent" TVs! Orwell would be amazed, people these days actually pay to have a telescreen to spy on them, and they didn't even have to be forced into it!

As the old-time preacherman said, "Divest yourselves of this evil Gooble!"

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