Monday, August 19, 2019


A Lightning hit Friday night, I think it was, took out my telephone and Internet access. I was one of two houses so treated. Just got it back. So, what’s new?


Merrily said...

YIKES!! No way to follow up on that!

Anonymous said...

SOS! The clown posse is still on the loose. "News" is being re(cycled/gurgitated) at an ever increasing rate. And, the country's crapper Event Horizon is looming ever larger.
Glad you're back. I need the occasional dose of your kind of sanity to keep my wheels from coming off. --General Petty Officer 5th Class Skyhawker Doug

Ed Hamilton said...

...there's beer in the fridge, the B-52 is fueled up, and we of the Barn Army are awaiting orders...Your Highness!

Sucks about the lightning strike.
We'll have someone in the Weather Control Division flogged.

bocopro said...

What’s new . . . wow – a corridor with an infinite number of doors. Donno where to start.

Well . . . there’s “Beto” O’Rourke transmogrifying into an arm-flapping Eric Swalwell. That’s new.

There’s the New York Slimes fully engaged in journalistic seppuku as the inevitable result of 4th stage Trump Derangement Syndrome. ‘course that’s been in progress for a coupla decades, but the wheezing and puffing of the death throes are more and more audible.

There’s FoxNews steadily increasing its list to port and taking on bilge water from The Resistance to replenish its drinking fountain supply.

There’s an entire generation of semi-erect bipeds gleefully turning their thumbs into spatulas and bumping into things by focusing exclusively on their hand-held neurological addiction devices as they prepare to take the reins and lead us into an intellectual wasteland from which there will be no return.

And any day now we can expect an article on Friday-nite news at eleven that Epstein’s prison guards had committed suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head – twice.

New? Oh, not much, really. Same ol’ same ol’ with Li’l Kim firing rockets into the SOJ ‘cause nobody was payin attention to him and Xi pullin a Tianenmen on Hong Kong to distract his people’s attention from the reality that the US is still #1.

And no matter how many morons decide to identify as unicorns or genderless pixies or melanin-deficient Africans, I figger there’s still enuf testosterone and estrogen flowin around out there in the heartland to restock the pond after AOC’s GND and Bernie’s Bolsheviks and slavery reparations and Teslas have run their course and we’re back to a nice, earth-friendly, short-lifed Neolithic existence again.

Jon said...

Well.... alligators climb fences now. There's that.

Murphy(AZ) said...

WOW! It's not everybody who can make an entrance with lightning bolts and thunder! You're back, and your neighbor is sitting there thinking "What the hell just happened?"

rwnutjob said...

Talib crying on TV over family having to go through checkpoints that keep terrorist bombs out of Israel.

Juice said...

So happy your power is back on and modern American comforts have been restored. Congratulations!

Having moved to Florida last year and experiencing the AC break down and awaiting parts while the house was 84*-87*, it caused us to consider hurricane power outages. What if everything was out of power? In SW Colorado power lines would go out for a few hours due to heavy storms of wet snow, but here in FL it can be out for days. We decided to spring for a whole house generator and the propane tank (underground) to support it. Besides, where would we be without wi-fi?! It's an addiction, I tell ya.

Grover Cleveland Brown said...

When we didn't hear from you we naturally assumed you had dirt on Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Rodge - I still have a case of cold beer and my 8 track tapes - when can we raid Portland or Seattle?
bocopro - long time no hear - I've missed your word candy, thanks for the one above!
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Steve in Greensboro said...

What's happened? Nothing worth mentioning. Welcome back, your majesty. Take care of yourself.

MAX Redline said...

Doesn't your local library have internet?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Verizon got around to fixing me today ...and, no, there is no better alternative.

Laughing Wolf said...

Ugh! Both on the hit and dealing with Verizon. Glad you are back.

pdwalker said...

the riot are continuing in Hong Kong until morale improves.

last weekend, 1.7 million people went to protest in the pouring rain, clearly at the behest of the Americans

Unknown said...

The Martians invaded again and nobody noticed.

Anonymous said...

^The Martians invaded again and nobody noticed.
Oh, you mean the Mod Quad in the House? They have been noticed.
Entirely too much.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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