Saturday, September 14, 2019

Morning catharsis


Tom Smith said...

When "buy back" trend hit years ago, people were buying cheap guns for $40 and selling them back to the government for $200..........

Anonymous said...

In a related story, New Jersey passed a law banning magazines over 10 rounds. The owners were required to:
(1) modify their High Capacity Magazines (HCM) “to accept 10 rounds or less;”
(2) render firearms with HCMs or the HCM itself inoperable;
(3) register firearms with HCMs that cannot be “modified to accommodate 10 or less rounds;”
(4) transfer the firearm or HCM to an individual or entity entitled to own or possess it; or
(5) surrender the firearm or HCM to law enforcement.
So far, zero, (0), nada, zilch, zip, turn ins.
Molon labe motherfathers.
PS: Beetoff O'Rork is still an asshole.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

BUFFalo Bob and his Porn Cows is a real psychopathic clown.

Unknown said...

Apparently they don't remember Bill Clinton's lesson on gun control. He stated by pushing for gun control in his first term he almost lost control of the legislature. He told everybody to shut up about, including the Hidabeast, and managed to win his second term. He stated that gun control just doesn't sell in the US.

Stu Tarlowe said...

About that New Jersey law: They just haven't started the round-up yet. And when it happens, it won't be happening first in Newark or Camden or any of NJ's shithole ghettos; those will be left for last, if at all, after middle-class suburbia has been disarmed.
And it's not for nuthin' that State Troopers in the Garbage State wear those Hugo Boss-looking uniforms. I'm generally very pro-police, but in the case of NJ I have to wonder, which came first: Dressing like jackbooted thugs, or acting like jackbooted thugs?

rickn8or said...

I'm glad the gungrabbers are finally out in the open with their plans. (Not that anything they've said is new or surprising to me.)

Anonymous said...

^^"...State Troopers in the Garbage State wear those Hugo Boss-looking uniforms."
I just looked at NJ State Police uniforms - those look right out of the Third Reich, especially that jacket version with that crap on their lapels and the Sam Brown belt.
I wonder if they all have ceremonial daggers to go with them for formal occasions?
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Stu Tarlowe said...

Tailgunner dick: Not only that, but for years their official sidearm was the H&K P7M8, aka "PSP". In its way, it was as Teutonic-looking as the Luger P08.

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