Saturday, November 18, 2006


SNL Gets It Right


I stole this from Claire


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Anonymous said...

Jeez, I actually got the South Park gerbil reference. The clip is fake, but accurate. Great satire.

Anonymous said...

notice the bullshit cheers for the nutty Pelosi, in the beginning, from the NYC audience?

i am disappointed with this...

i feel they make her look too good actually, for she is far worse than this.

they played Kerry rather straight, compared to GW in the past.

in fact, they can (i speak from experience) make her physical appearance match the ugly facelift much better, and even match Pelosi's vapid ignorance in more dramatic fashion.

perhaps, it is more amusing, watching the real Pelosi press conferences, seeing her display a mindless ignorance about some of the most simple issues.

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