Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hillary Forum Bonkers Over Palin

Where's Brock?

This is amazing, and no doubt the source of serious Zoloft consumption in Obama Cult headquarters.  The Volokh Conspiracy has posted a contiguous string of comments (no cherry-picking)  from the Hillary Clinton Forum,  that are so effusive in their praise of McCain's Sarah Palin pick that the site administrator was forced to issue this proclamation ...

UPDATE: In the comments below, someone is so stunned by this outpouring that he thinks the Clinton Forum is a Republican site. It's a real site for die-hard Clinton supporters. I've now read posts going back to March (the forum started in February).

If the McCain Campaign had such brilliant and energetic grassroots supporters that they could plant 300,000 pro-Hillary comments on one website starting in February, selling Hillary merchandise, and raising money for Hillary -- all the while knowing that Hillary would lose nonetheless, I would be very impressed (and more than a bit frightened). Can the McCain campaign even get 300,000 comments on their OWN campaign website, let alone a fake one?

No, it's a real site, and many recent posters are longtime members of it. That some of you doubted it just proves my point: this outpouring is amazing.
Here's a very small sample of what these Hillary groupies are saying.

I am going over to John McCain's website and thank her for acknowledging the glass ceiling and our struggles. She needs to know that there are LOTS of us behind her fight.
Take Care, Sharon
You can bet that BO did not see this coming.

I'm listening to his acolyte now on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell. The tone of her voice and this almost choking quality of her words tells me that she sees this as a real problem for her guy, BO. (I'm gleeful.)
Wow, Thanks so much to this Sarah Palin who never forgot us. She is a fighter. She paid her respects to our Hillary and Geraldine . They now no more think women in this country are 2nd class. You go girl and thank you for a refreshing pick Sen. McCain.
I gave John McCain a standing ovation and a 10 minute claps. It did not matter that there was no one around except my dog to share that.

Hats off! Bigtime!!

 While it's to Hillary's advantage to see Obama defeated (making her the 2012 nominee), the feelings expressed here seem to ne quite genuine.  USA! UAS! USA!

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Alear said...

I like this anagram for McCain/Palin:
Panic in calm

AnnoyedOne said...

I love it when they eat, um I mean desert, their own :-)

Anonymous said...

McCain has been the best chance candidate for the Dim's since the giddy-up. It just took'em too lond to figure it out. Hillaity just couldn't out McCain, McCain.


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