Monday, November 24, 2008

Today's Top Ten

Ten Random, Politically Incorrect Thoughts 

Victor Davis Hanson finishes, "Well, with that done—I feel much better."  Me too.   Here's a randomly selected sample.
9. As I wrote earlier, the shrill Left is increasingly far more vicious these days than the conservative fringe, and about like the crude Right of the 1950s. Why? I am not exactly sure, other than the generic notion that utopians often believe that their anointed ends justify brutal means. Maybe it is that the Right already had its Reformation when Buckley and others purged the extremists—the Birchers, the neo-Confederates, racialists, the fluoride-in-the-water conspiracists, anti-Semites, and assorted nuts.—from the conservative ranks in a way the Left has never done with the 1960s radicals that now reappear in the form of Michael Moore, Bill Ayers, Cindy Sheehan,, the Daily Kos, etc. Not many Democrats excommunicated for its General Betray-Us ad. Most lined up to see the premier of Moore’s mythodrama. Barack Obama could subsidize a Rev. Wright or email a post-9/11 Bill Ayers in a way no conservative would even dare speak to a David Duke or Timothy McVeigh—and what Wright said was not all that different from what Duke spouts. What separated Ayers from McVeigh was chance; had the stars aligned, the Weathermen would have killed hundreds as they planned.
PS- We conservative fringers prefer to call ourselves Pathfinders.


Anonymous said...

You mean they're putting fluoride in the water? They're going to answer to the Coca-Cola Bottling Compan for this!

Col. 'Bat' Guano

Anonymous said...

Depressing-his number 10 is my number 1-rectify that and every thing else goes away. Well maybe not the swishy trend of younger men-what is up with that any way?

I have racking my brain and can't really come up with any recent movie that was a, shall we say a Shane level original. Now I know it was a remake, but The Dark Knight was an exceptional movie. World class performances by Bale and Ledger. And the story, Batman sacrificing himself, playing the long odds and taking all the grief while all the time looking out for his city, not caring a wit about the, media presented, popular perception(sound familiar?) of himself, was very touching.

Also Open Range was another well made flick. A western only has so many story lines, the best ones are what ordinary but good men do when the chips are down-this was one of them. I love a good western-if you love to read westerns, pick up a copy of Elmore Leonard's short story collection-he is my favorite, I wish he'd spin out a few more.

Billll said...

OK this has GOT to be the liberal-leftie answer to the rednecks beer-on-the-hat rig.

Yo! Biff! you need a long straw, preferably bent into an Obie logo, then you're there!

El Jefe said...

I couldn't agree more with Mr. Hanson. Especially his California reasoning. I spent my formative years there (although I did go to a Catholic High School). His points are exactly why I left and pursued my career in the Air Force.

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