Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Fred Thompson Re: Congress

Uncle Fred Has The Answer:
Drop Money By Airplane

"Yes We Can!"

Five Star Sarcasm


cmblake6 said...

Why is this man not our POTUS? Can anybody tell me?

BlogDog said...

Because he didn't make the effort.
As pained as I am to say it.

Chuck Martel said...

Kiss my hairy white azz, Fred Thompson. Where were you when we needed you?

Anonymous said...

Or more accurately, because the media refused to report his efforts. It seems that now he wants to be a modern day Will Rodgers.

Anonymous said...

Why is this man not our POTUS? More like, why is this man not the spokesman for Geritol. That's what his "campaign" reminded me of.

Kristopher said...

Yep. The media pulled a Thatcher on him.

Told everyone he was "tired". Then backed up that lie by never reporting anything he did unless it backed up that lie.

You were conned, Chuck.

We need to find a way to finally take the MSM out in the back yard and shoot it ... some way to get the "below average" bottom 50% of Americans out of their grasp.

Chuck Martel said...

No, I wasn't conned. FT just didn't really want the job.

He was a combination of fire and ice -- lukewarm water.

Kristopher said...

Well ... I disagree.

They tried the same shite with McCain ... painting him as old, tired, and then switching gears and calling him old and crazy.

I do think Thompson needed to use different/better tactics to get his message past them.

Palin was able to get media attention by infuriating the a-holes. They couldn't help themselves ... they had to badmouth her. They didn't figure it out until too late that they were making her look even better.

Anonymous said...

Chuck: What difference would it have made no matter what tactics Fred used when they wouldn't report anything he said or did? In the final weeks of his campaign he was making twice as many daily appearances as any other candidate. Did you hear about any of them? No. Did it change their mantra of 'Fred isn't making any effort'? No. What was he supposed to do?

Kristopher: You are right in that they would have done better (for themselves) to have ignored Palin the same way.

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