Saturday, April 04, 2009

9/11 Attack

Who piloted the plane?

A FreeRepublic poster, bray, does a yoemanlike job of putting puzzle pieces on the table.
It was a bright sunny cloudless morning on 9/18/08 when out of nowhere came a jet screaming at full throttle into the NY Financial District. The explosion began the wildfire that buckled the economy til the Banks pancaked into the rising dust. As we look into the smoking empty hole where the America WTC used to stand we have to ask, who flew those jets into the side of our economy.

We have yet to find out who piloted those jets that started this Obama Collapse. We know that according to Rep Kanjorski (D), there was a run on the banks on 9/18 in the neighborhood of a half a trillion $$ in a couple hours. President Bush was told that if he didn’t do something immediately the banks would be emptied in 8 hrs. McCain suspended his campaign, then ridiculed by Bama who wasn’t that bothered and the rest is history. Who had the strength to pull that kind of money. These amounts makes billionaires into Organ Grinder Monkeys.
This was too big for Soros or any individual. The Saudis or another ME Country are the only ones w/the capital to withdraw these amounts and these 2 Iraqis point right at them. Too bad someone in the Obamedia wasn’t interested in this mystery. Why should we expect them to find out who launched the biggest financial attack in our history when their last real WH scandal was who outed a CIA file shuffler?


Bill W. said...

Love it when people actually do research, investigative research. This is very interest stuff.

It was a very, very strange election, eh? First, Hillary goes from a shoe-in to an also-ran overnight. McCain acts like he’s sleep walking. Palin gets the Left all stirred up and energized. Biden takes a powder after a few dozen embarrassing public appearances. And, the Messiah steps out of the fog and to the podium to give steady stream of loquacious speeches (head going from side to side in homage to his dearest fried, the teleprompter; NOTE: some folks call him the Tennis Match President…kinda like that) promising the masses hope for a better life - with other people’s money. “The rich (the other rich – he says – not me) are going to finally get there justice.” “Yeah! Hooray! Go Barack! I'm finally proud of American.”


Juice said...

Hence, the bow to Saudi King. Payback is the bitch. Again, WE pay.

Alear said...

In 2010, the Republicans can gain vast holdings in the House. We won't lose in the Senate, but vast may be overstretching.

If we can keep universal healthcare off the books, we've won.

Rodg won't like me, but I'm hoping for Mitt in 2012, he can figure this all out. He's good at that.

Turing word: Unshizes. Which means what you think it means.

Gayle Miller said...

Since George Soros is bragging about how well he's done financially on the heels of the recent financial situations, I'd give the dubious honors to him!

Anonymous said...

wouldn't that be, like... yanno... and Act of War?

or am I just a dumb ol' guurl?
[TW: "womin" -- guess I got my answer]


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