Sunday, June 28, 2009

eBay birth certificates and other mysteries

Citizen Obama

WorldNetDaily Exclusive

Hawaiian newspaper
to WND: Drop dead

Star-Bulletin rejects full-page ad
asking for help on Obama's birth


WorldNetDaily Exclusive
'Kenyan birth certificate' remains eBay mystery 
Investigator who traveled to Africa 'skeptical' document is real deal

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
'Proof' of Kenyan birth twice scrubbed by eBay 
But seller of 'Obama's birth certificate' dodges administrators to post 3rd time
Remember, boys and girls who are tired of all this ...  In April of last year the Senate investigated John McCain's eligibility to become president.  At the time I thought, AYSM?  WTF?  His father was a US Naval Officer.  His son was born in Panama where dad was stationed.  It happens all the time.  So, let me axe your something ... what in heaven's name would cause someone to twist this fact into something requiring congressional hearings on eligibility?  And, having done that, why in hell did that same body refuse to look into Obama's own birth/dual citizenship questions when they arose publicly a few months later?  This is, and has been, a conspiracy. Maybe Oliver Stone will make a movie about it, wot?


Anonymous said...

you simply rock.....thanks for keeping this in the news :)

Anonymous said...

"...the Senate investigated John McCain's eligibility..."
And total cover up about the big O's.

THAT is the the reason I am convinced that Obamanation does not meet the eligabilty standards.

Anonymous said...

"...let me axe you something..."

gee! Smart AND knows olde Ebonycks!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

thanks for adding to the discourse "red." I hadn't thought of that before.

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