Thursday, August 20, 2009

Barney and Eugenics

There are some good points made between the Barny Frank and Eugenics videos.  Yes, the lady gave Bawney an excuse to avoid answering her, but no such admonition was ever delivered by Fwank against Code Pinkers, and others who disrupted forums and hearings while waving Bush-Hitler signs.  So her real mistake was not recognizing the left's rank hypocrisy in these matters. 


Anonymous said...

"Thomas J. Watson supplied his punch card computers and his IBM technicians to the Nazis..."
??? Hitler was dead before ENIAC was finished, and IBM computers came later. The eugenics movement and Planned Parenthood are repugnant, but it looks as though there is some stretching to fit an agenda in the eugenics film. Like Leftists do all the time.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Not computers, but punch card tablulators. IBM was using this tech long before the war.

Guy S said...

There are a couple of kernels of truth in the film, but if the testing implied was carried on in such an extensive manner as the film implies, we would already be completely docile. And massive lawsuits (at least in this country) would have resulted many decades before this. The tort lawyers would have had a field long time ago.

As far as the punch cards go, it should be remembered there was right up til the start of WWII a strong German-American Bundt in this country. It would not surprise me that IBM (along with any number of other business large and small had contracts with German civil and governmental agencies. That such technology was procured "exclusively for eugenicists" borders on fanaticism.

That Margret Sanger et all, were elitists in every sense of the word, and racist as well, should well be remembered. That any number of agencies of record, particularly those considered to be left-leaning, would have an agenda or agendas greater than that which are publicly stated, is also well known (Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU are just two which come to mind.).

But, sheesh, what's next "Masonry on Parade"? With all due respect, this one doesn't pass the sniff test. (Yeah, I know 52 percent voted for Obama ... and any number of them are sheeple who would have voted for Anna Nicole-Smith's bleached bones, had they been properly "marketed". But I contend this has much more to do with human nature and or PT Barnums axiom than with any major covert eugenics conspiracy.)

Sorry in advance for the long winded response.

BlogDog said...

When they punch card tabulate we'll punch card tabulate back twice as hard!

The Old Man said...

In a proper reality, she would have had a flip chart set up to reveal a BusHitler poster. Then ask the Fwank if this also offends him.

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