Saturday, August 29, 2009


Today's Gobsmacked
Democrats are the untalented rich kid from my yoot who owned the only football.  Eventually we beat him up anyway.

Florida's Gov. Crist accused of 'cronyism'

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist on Friday selected his closest political confidant to serve out the term of retiring Republican Sen. Mel Martinez for 16 months, until the Republican governor himself hopes to take over the seat.

In the choice that quickly brought Democratic charges of cronyism, Mr. Crist ended a long and very public selection process by naming former chief of staff George LeMieux - a self-described "Charlie Crist Republican" - as the state's next senator.

Mark Ferrulo, executive director of the liberal organization Progress Florida, called the LeMieux pick "shocking."

"Instead of an experienced statesman looking out for the best interests of Floridians, we get a partisan political operator who will vote based on one criterion and one criteria only - what will help his former boss win election in 2010," he said.

State Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman called the choice "a glaring example of political cronyism."

The Congressional Research Service said there have been 184 Senate appointments since 1913, when the 17th Amendment became effective, replacing the selection of senators by state legislatures with direct popular voting.

Of those, seven were the widows of senators, two the spouses of the governor, three the sons of senators and one the daughter of a governor.

Forget Crist.  Forget LeMieux.  That Democrats have the effrontery to scream unfair is to insult us gratuitously.  


LindaSoG said...

Hey charlie, shot your stupid self in the foot there, didn't ya? good.

I despise charlie crist, oh yes I do.

I'm really gonna enjoy voting against him.

TimO said...

He may be a Republican, but a lot of us down here in Florida don't refer to him as one.

Hold onto your pants, he fast-tracked himself into the Govenorship and it's obvious that he's going to make a play for President as fast as he can.

Rodger the Real King of France said...


ChocolateGodzilla said...

I saw Chuck at the Seminole Hard Rock last night, ESPN Fri night fights.

Scmoozing up the Tribe, he was.

Stayed long enough to be introduced, then abandoned his seat before the first punch was thrown, he did.

Maybe true what they whisper.

LLoyd said...

Roger, I know I'm preaching to the Choir---these fu88king scumbag demonic sewer basturds are so out of humanity it continues to remain unbelievable how they are so damn good at casting a-hole dispursions from their freeking perverbial glass houses.

Freeking D.C. is ALL cronyism of the the worst kind this country has ever experienced.

LLoyd said...

Oh and p.s Rodger, I am a Floridian and I have spent the last 2 years calling both these Senators and rhemennig them new a-holes and I will hope a few of 'Ariel Attack' peeps stop by BOTH their offices on a regular basis.

Crist sucks right along with McCain and the rest of the damn RHINOS.

Go RUBIO! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! !
Be out campaigning like heck for him. Screw this RNC state bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I am moving to Florida next week and plan on putting as much effort as possible into getting Marco Rubio elected next year.

Dave in Pa

MCPO Airdale said...

Crist is as much a Republican as I am a Hobbit!

LindaSoG said...

heh. I'm sorry Rodgie. I just view this as a democrat being mad at a democrat. Charlie ain't no republican. Never has been, never will be.

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