Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can't even beat a girl

Sarah: Driving them bonkers

This video is worth watching if only to see erstwhile Joe Biden speechwriter (do you put that on your resume? ) Matthew Littman  destroy himself in a desperate attempt to whack Sarah Palin.  Then watch Paul Begala do the same thing.  Why do the left fear her so much?  That's right.


LLoyd said...

Oh Yeah,
The Cuda is doing some damage and the Dems are going off their crackers as usuall. Wonder if they'll beg Tina to do a reprize on SNL and drag her into this death panel or whatever dealio soon.

And Laura--you are rooking more mah-vo-lous evertime I see you--you cutie ;)

p.s. Dems---Eat shit.

Anonymous said...

What a despicable display. As usual, a lib resorting to bully tactics when unable to present a single, truthful, fact. Oh, and Newt Gingrich? He best put his mouth to more appropriate use, like mulching my lawn, than telling Sarah Palin how to be more like a DC insider. Has been.

Anonymous said...

What a mfcs douchebag ftard fstain. Flava Flave? Really you classless --------bah I dont have the words. Hang them all. Traitorous cowards. As Kim would say, RCB.
word v: tedstash-sorta like a mustache but way cooler

Anonymous said...

Flava-flav huh? You mfcs! I want to smack that smug look off your sourpuss. If she were a man would he be as disrespectful??? Of course not, she is a woman and they cannot get it through their narrow pointy heads that she has more on the ball than any 10 on the left. She is not hahvahd schooled - big f'n deal!! Reagan was not and that did not stop him from being the hero to millions!


Steve in Greensboro said...

Laura bitch-slaps this little weasel like the little bitch he is.

Anonymous said...

Mathew Littman is a douche bag!

Anonymous said...

Typical Liberal modus. Can't win an argument? Use insults. The smug look on his face made me think he stayed up all night coming up with a clever slap. Fail.

Reminds me of the joke. Definition of a bigot? A conservative who wins an argument with a liberal.


Gothguy said...

Classic Douchebag.

Anonymous said...

What an asshole-Laura knocked his dick in the dirt. He sits there and uses the most foul and lame insults and turns right around and says they weren't personal attacks. Yeah right-I wonder whose going to be the first to get flattened by Todd.

There is no doubt whatsoever the dems are scared to death of Sarah. The buzz I read is that she's not ready for 2012, I call bullshit on that. It could be the turning point in our country's path, a monumental election. Her against Obama? For once, we would have dead conservatives rising from graves to vote.

If you get a chance, catch Dr Zero's piece at HotAir. He nails what must be done, we must not just defeat this health care abomination and then come back with our own "compassionate" version. We must, as he puts it, take sledge hammers to the foundations of LBJ's Great society and end this garbage once and for all.

We are surely on a road to ruin with the endless and mindless deficit spending. How alarms bell aren't on 10 when you've got the Russians and the ChiComms warning us about this is baffling.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, did Littman just *shout-out* a racial slur choosing Flava-fla for his best put down against Sarah? What a head up his *** lying sack.

Anonymous said...

He's a little punk: I think he needs his ass kicked. I imagine a guy (Is it a guy?) goes by the name of Flava-flav might not take kindly to this punk using his name as a put down, AND might be more inclined to do a drive by or have buddies that do drive bys...

Anonymous said...

I am having fantasies about douchebag matt running into Todd Palin somewhere in the middle of the Alaskan Tundra. Bet Matt's silk panties would have to go straight into the trash after that.


Chuck Martel said...

What a d*ck.

Anonymous said...

Come here to read, don't post a alot but what a great link.
Love Fox
Love the roll over
And Sarah is the next Reagan.
Ex Alaskan resident, tctsunami

OregonGuy said...

Begala link:

J. Pazzesco said...

Maybe Joe Biden isn't so stupid after all, it's his speech writer's fault that he comes off as an idiot... Nah

Wow, Laura just hands him his ass. Beautiful!

And nice roll-over.

hispaman said...

they know the best option to avoid a Mr Zero reelection is Sarita.

Gayle Miller said...

Matthew Littman is a full on dickweed! He's used to bullying women - no doubt because he has a teeny little dick.

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