Friday, August 28, 2009

Enemy at the gate


Anonymous said...

All your internet are belong to us

Bill W. said...

Remember how some people flipped out when the Bush administration enacted a few security measures (right or wrong) after 9/11? Library books? Listening in on phone calls FROM the US TO the Middle East? Surveillance at airports? Jack-booting John Ashcroft breaking down doors of private residences in search for “elicit” behavior? Etc.?

Well, this tidbit of Hope and Change tops that. Where’s the national emergency making this necessary? Hmmm?

That flushing sound we hear is our liberties going down the drain…

Anonymous said...

Rockysmeller used our lil State as a stepping stone to D.C.
Anything coming out of his office is suspect.

Orwell was right.


Anonymous said...

I showed a coworker this headline this afternoon. His response:

"Someone should take this MFCSMPOS out!"

Ok, so he said "guy" instead of MFCSMPOS but that's what he meant.

LindaSoG said...

I also showed it to a co-worker, at least, I showed her the headline at drudge. STG, she said, "I don't understand, what does it mean? Bill, who is that?"

This is a 30 year old woman, born here, raised here, and I had to explain what a bill was, and what this bill meant.

and after I explained, then she, boy, he's a real piece of shit, isn't he?

She didn't vote for him. She didn't vote for anyone. She has never voted. Not once.

Anonymous said...

"She has never voted. Not once."

And in her case that's a good thing.

JMcD said...

Hey!..screw Bill.

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