Monday, August 17, 2009

Fix Bayonets

"If we can't get everything we want out of health care reform and climate change, then we will have to take what we can and hope that we can get 'net neutrality' legislation passed. - Nutroots Nation conference

I think the storm done gathered.

  Yes, net neutrality. While the health care debate and fight over cap and trade and stimulus spending have garnered the bulk of the American public's attention, some conservatives believe the Obama administration and Democrats' attempts to regulate the Internet deserves equal attention, given the grave threat they represent to free speech and conservatives' ability to organize and mobilize politically.

During the last day the House was in session before leaving for its August recess, Rep. Ed Markey's staff introduced HR 3458, the so-called "Internet Freedom Preservation Act," which would essentially enable government control of the Internet, treating the networks as a government-managed utility. (For more information about "net neutrality," read this interview that one of the key "net neutrality" supporters gave to a Canadian socialist publication.) The Markey legislation is considered the last piece of what some conservatives consider to be Democrat and progressive attempts to control the Internet and limit citizens' ability to use the networks to organize and oppose their agenda.

The bill was introduced the same week it was revealed that the Obama Commerce Department was demanding from the phone and cable companies highly detailed data about private citizens' Internet and broadband connections as part of plans of "map" broadband networks across the country.

It was also revealed the White House had put in place a plan to collect email addresses of citizens who opposed the administration's health reform proposal, and then last week we learned that the Obama administration had negotiated deals with companies like Google and YouTube to collect and provide citizens' personal data, such as ... please continue "Nothing But Net Neutrality" .
This is what it was like in December 1941.  The Japs bombed Pearl Harbor, invaded the Philippines, seized Guam, invaded Burma, sank American merchant ships, invaded Hong Kong, Germany declares war on us  ... .  JFC! Will  the slimy bastids ever stop coming?  These Obamunists are no different.  Maniacal hordes led by prick zealots whose mission in life is to destroy and dominate the United States.  It's not enough that God and Superman hate their guts, we have to do this ourselves. Again. 

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Dr. Hardcrab said...


Anonymous said...

History will show it is exceptionally bad form to over-reach as you peak politically.

Anonymous said...

"net neutrality,"
"The Fairness Doctrine"
"work brings freedom"
(Arbeit macht frei)


Guy S. said...

If I am reading this "bill" correctly, the "internet" (and it's providers) would be treated in the same fashion as the three major "over the airwaves" television networks (and radio stations) are now? That they would be subject to what ever government guidelines were to be put in place, much like what the FCC does for the above mentioned media outlets?

If this is the case, how does this bill, impact on the individual user? I saw nothing directly stated in the bill (I downloaded a PDF of same and read it. Amazingly, it was not all that long of a bill.) which would force the companies to limit their services. Perhaps I am particularly dense this morning (Not the first time to be sure!), but what am I missing?

Or is this the classic "wolf in sheep's clothing" kind of bill. One which says one thing, but will in short order be "morphed" into something entirely different.

Anonymous said...

net Neutrality is anything but, You have to remember that it the bill or organization is named something, it is aimed at destroying said thing, ACLU anyone?

Net Neutrality limits your bandwidth and caps how much you can down load, unless you pay to upgrade and you can download more.

keeping it neutral is just how it is now? Right? or am i getting this backwards?

Anonymous said...

Smart Dog !

Anonymous said...

RAK, Been getting a daily fix on that video for the past week. Ain't it grand, though. :}

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