Friday, August 21, 2009

Hip News

Red Eye

After several attempts (I forget) Fox News  may finally have a show that can attract the Daily Show viewer, even though it's format is closer to Bill Maher's. The late night (3AM) show Red Eye, hosted by Greg Gutfeld (he did the MSNBC clip you saw earlier) takes on the day's news, political and other without a hint of smarminess.  I think Gutfeld could take John Stewart in a knife fight too.  I'll link it below later so you can watch it at a decent hour. 

This Ann Coulter quote didn't come from the above segment,  but from her column this week.  It broke new ground for me.  Maybe you too.
You could fix 90 percent of the problems with health insurance by ending the federal law allowing states to ban health insurance sales across state lines. But when John McCain called for ending the ban during the 2008 presidential campaign, he was attacked by Joe Biden -- another illustration of the ironclad Ann Coulter rule that the worst Republicans are still better than allegedly "conservative" Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Greg's blog is a daily hit for me-it's almost enough for me to get cable again-especially since I seem to be up a lot these days at 3am walking the halls

Anonymous said...

I heard her drop that line on Hannity yesterday.


Anonymous said...

She pissed me off with her birther shit!Shes on Whoraldo every week now too.

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