Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jodi Corzine

Tale of another modern Republican not
(No, not Weicker, Jodi Corzine)

Connecticut grabs $7,007 in state and local taxes per man, woman and child resident,

Given the size of its deficit, it's hard to believe that for 200 years Connecticut balanced its budget without any income tax and became the richest state in the bargain. That changed in 1991 when then-Governor Lowell Weicker pushed the state's first-ever personal income tax with a promise that the rate would remain flat at 4.5%. But the next time the state couldn't pay its bills, in 2001, the legislature raised Mr. Weicker's tax to 5%. In 2007, Ms. Rell wanted ... (WSJ- Jodi Corzine).


Anonymous said...

Congress pulled the same trick with the 16th Amendment (Federal Income Tax).

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Which is exactly why I don't the flat tax proposals. They'll never keep it any any proposed rate.

c.umulus n.imbusi

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