Saturday, August 22, 2009

Judicial Tyranny

Can Congress force me
to buy health insurance?

[blah blah blah]
The Real Answer is:

= NO


That's right.  We've devolved into an oligarchy, but a single Dodomayer from slavery.


Anonymous said...

This is so simple, so brilliant and sadly so f-ing true...

Anonymous said...

"They argue, with appropriate citations of precedent, that HR3200 and any other bill that attempts to impose mandates will violate the Constitution"

That's never stopped Congress before!

Anonymous said...

She could have at least washed her hair.

Anonymous said...

Fall in behind this soldier.

Best response I've seen yet to these damned worthless socialists!

Why can't at least ONE republican politician grow a set like this guy & convincingly, forcefully, stand up to the socialists.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This says it all. The reason nobody will "grow a set" can be witnessed in the commie media and leftist machine tearing Sarah Palin and her family to pieces. They are relentless and vicious. Who would want to fight that venom and bullshit? What possible reason should anybody want to put their family throught that? I love my family and will do all I can short of run for office - I have standards and if I ran for office I would violate all of them.

I cannot lie, cheat and steal from citizens in the name of the "common good".

I cannot take from producing citizens and give it to worthless pieces of crap who don't appreciate it nor are willing to work for it.

I cannot call soldiers baby killers and rapists and then look them in the face.

I cannot stand for injustice, gross misrepresentation, outright lies, distortions of fact or harassment of citizens to go on without trying to stop it by all means necessary.

I hope all who read this take it to heart and do what they can to stop these commie bastards in their tracks. Take that any way you want to. I love Sarah and would do anything for her I could - she is a TRUE PATRIOT and deserves far better than she has received. Mclame did her only one favor - got her into the public eye and for that I am grateful but, the way he tried (and his minions) to minimize her is what cost him and the country so dearly.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Jack, it seems you are the second commenter to reference the Brian Baird TH meeting I just recently posted. At least Linda was paying attention,

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