Monday, August 24, 2009

Netscape Retro

Old Netscape users will find this a familiar sight.

Like many of you I began began life using the Netscape browser -- what got et up by Microsoft's bully boys.  Before releasing Firefox, Mozilla was keeping Netscape alive, as sort of a community nerd thing I never quite understood.  Finally they  rereleased it as SeaMonkey.  Why Mozilla later did Firefox as a separate browser is beyond my ken, and interest. Anyway, since I'd never quit using Netscape E-mail, and Composer (Netscape had a HTML editor called  Composer) I've kept it, and later SeaMonkey, up to date. 

Because I use the SeaMonkey e-mail (as well as Thunderbird), any time y'all send me a link it's auto opened in SeaMonkey's browser, which still has the look and feel of Netscape.  I copy useful information/urls over to Firefox.  A few weeks ago I decided to actually use the SeaMonkey browser, just a little each day.   Many, but not all of the Firefox add-ons are available for SeaMonkey, including all those I find indispensable.

Guess what?  I find myself going to it more and more, and just now realized I've had it running all day. It's faster and smoother (thanks to an add-on called Smooth Wheel, which by god I see is also available in Firefox)  than Firefox.  You  may want to take a look at SeaMonkey, if only for Composer.  Yes, you get the whole suite but don't have to use them all.



rockville said...

When I crawled out of the womb, they gave me a Mac and a copy of Mosaic and said, "Go browse".

I remember using Netscape for a while, but it was hell having to download the whole thing through a 56K modem whenever I wanted an update.

Nowadays, I mostly use Firefox with (let me see here) Adblock, NoScript, and Customize Google, but I sometimes use Camino when I can't get a site to play by MY rules. Video won't play or something like that.

Usually I close the tab and say "It wasn't that important." If it really is that important, I try Camino. It usually works, but I don't use it for day-to-day browsing, because it doesn't have extensions like Firefox.

DoubleU said...

It has Google toolbar incorporated? I will use the first browser that ignores google's evilness, but I don't know of one.

I am quickly making the switch to Ubuntu, and that uses Evolution for email which is not unlike Thunderbird.

Rodger the Real King of France said...


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