Monday, August 31, 2009

Restlee Natives

The thought of Americans engaging in armed revolt was unthinkable 12 months ago. After SEIU thugs beat-up a man attending a Town Hall meeting, other Americans showed-up at Town Hall meetings armed with semi-automatic weapons — including a meeting the president attended. There hasn’t been a union “beat down” of a Town Hall attendee since. The message is clear: Tyrants and bullies can be dealt with, even if it’s at the “business end” of a firearm.

Ant war

 A chap named Mark Epstein goes where angels fear to tread, except in their thoughts. 

    The Coming Armed Revolution: Can it be avoided? If not, are you in or out?

Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Reid, Pelosi, Van Jones, and a host of others are making a mockery of our Constitution — and the American people know it.

    People are not buying these concepts that are completely foreign to America. We’re almost reaching a revolution in this country. Senator Jim Inhofe

Currently, there are admitted radical Communists serving as Obama’s “czars,” a congressional bill to allow Obama seizure of the internet, and the administration is responsible for nationalization of industry and a blatant attempt to nationalize health care. The Obama administration is engaging in generational  .... (fasten seat belts and go here)
You know all the predicates from here, and on other blogs and opinion shows.  Mark takes these facts and offers an analysis of  the potential reality and a possible, very plausible scenario.
  1. The Trigger
  2. The First Days
  3. The First Week
  4. The Second Week
  5. The First Month
  6. The First Six Months
  7. The Next Five Years
  8. Six Years and Beyond
  9. Conclusion
Whose move?
Linda SoG


renojim said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! That was heavy. And. Extreme. But just after today's coffee we discussed what it is that Libs want: To seize all things public and private. And that includes our very breath. OH, and the Constitution. Maybe not Mr. Epstein's scenario, but something.

Anonymous said...

No, it won't be like that.
I can't tell you what it will be like, though; because my copy of the plan is classified.

Chuck Martel said...

The good thing is our side owns all of the deer rifles.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of rifles--I bought one on Sat :-) Oh, and ammo.

Chris in NC said...

Yeah, but remember, their side has the welfare whores and their gangsta boyfriends in the urban areas PLUS the welfare whores and their wannabe gangsta kids in the burbs. All of them have weapons and much better ones than dear rifles...

He is FAR too confident in winning. Half the country pays no real taxes. A revolution says that they will. They will not fight for us. A quarter of this country is subsidized by the feds. That means no government check. They will be millitant against us. It's not going to be easy.

But yeah, live or die, I'm in.

MAJ Mike said...

As a heavily pacifist, I'm in.

I'm old, I hurt, and I'm cranky. I'll be the guy with a claymore bag full of loaded magazines.

Anonymous said...

only 50-70 thousand dead... Weather Underground was think 24,000 would be enough dead.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Today it boils down to one thing ... who controls the air.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you and your friends Chris, but me and mine have safes that make thrid world tinpot dictators jealous. Gangstas? *spit* Posers. Step right up, no waiting, everyone will be served...

turing: gonissba = gansta going away party

Anonymous said...

who controls the air.
You're so right Rodger - air space and airwaves.
Shut off communication and see anything living with IR or night vision, and it won't take much airpower to slaughter any would-be opposition.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...


Remember the old adage: "Amateurs discuss tactics, dilletantes discuss strategy, professionals discuss logistics." So the gangbangers have weapons; how well can they shoot--or do they just "spray and pray"? And what do they do when they run out of the ammo they stole? How do they expect to eat without government handouts, and where do they expect to get potable water?

The REAL pirates of the Caribbean terrified much of the world until REGULAR navies were sent asfter them, and trained disciplined sailors and Marines decimated pirate ships that in many cases outgunned sand outmanned their own ships.

I'm not worried about the outcome. The timeframe for resolution would be sbout two years.

Old Squid.

Topeka Troll said...

Anon at 7:37
50-70 MILLION! about 1/5th to 1/6th of the population would die as a direct result of the conflict.
The scenario is good, but wrong. Such a war would trigger an international war. Since the USA has stood as israels ally for many years, the Arabs wold see it as an opportunity to get some, and they would. They get some ass whoopin to make 1967 and 1973 look like a friendly scuffle. Israel will hand them their heads on a platter so to speak. how do I know? I read the book.

LindaSoG said...


I really liked the essay. It made a good read, I thought it was one of the best worst case scenarios I've seen yet, but remember, I liked the ending.

Still, I did have this nagging little voice that said, if you're going to takeover a country, you don't end with the takeover, you start with the takeover.

I don't think a revolution can conquer the country and then take out its leaders. This scenario left that for last. Cart before the horse. I think a revolution would have to take out the leaders first.

Figure out how to do that, go after the leaders first, and then maybe you have a chance for success.

but what do I know. I've never fought a war or taken over a country.

gunnypink said...

I'm in! May not be a lean, but still green n mean...

Anonymous said...

He left out the part about "WOLVARINES"!!!!!!!!

Yeah, maybe a little heavy on the firing squad bit.

Anonymous said...

We are already organizing

Mount UP!

Anonymous said...

cris in nc.i'll take one hunter with a mosin over ten bada@@es with AK's.-ichi

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