Saturday, August 29, 2009

What's Next?

Long Knives Cometh
 I 'm amazed that I never found this video before.  Truly.  I'm sure it's because I just wasn't lucky in my web searches over the past 10 years or so. But here's a prediction. Now that there's no longer a Kennedy with sufficient stature and power to bully people into silence (Who? Patrick Kennedy?  He's a joke, the rest  like Bobby Jr.- morons.) the floodgates are open. Look for a flood of  books, articles  and documentaries about Ted, and other Kennedys as well. It won't be pretty if you're a Kennedyphile, the truth never is with them.



Chuck Martel said...

"Oh my God, there goes Ted's presidency right there."

His first thought wasn't for the dead woman or even for Kennedy's physical well-being. It was a lament for the loss of power.

Anonymous said...

Was it the President Ted Kennedy funeral? Because it sure seems like it.

Anonymous said...

But he loved good "Chappy" jokes-bet he had some real knee slappers-and hey, he got reelected 7 times! And I read yesterday that if Mary Jo had a choice, even she would've opted for death so Ted could have that remarkable career in the Senate.

I noticed that too Chuck-with dems, it's always about the power.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone tape the funeral??? I came in to a spot at the end when Teddy's widow was going around kissing Carter and everyone else dead-square on the lips BUT when she came to Michelle Obama I'm SURE I saw her duck several times as Michelle came towards her so that she only got a glancing cheek press.

Says TONS about the racist LIBERALS!!!!

(Please someone look for it and verify for me...)

Anonymous said...

The "Kennedy Curse" was not that the Kennedys were cursed but that the Kennedys were the curse.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

10 stars for you Doug!

Anonymous said...

Not only 10 stars, but it should be on billboards and bumper stickers everywhere.

Anonymous said...

That was excellent.


Anonymous said...

White-trash with money. And I really do find myself wondering which of the Kennedy males will be draped with the Mantle of Lionheartedness by the press.

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