Saturday, March 20, 2010

Attention Wal-MArt Shoppers


Boned Jello

This is Saturday. Seven days ago "a male voice calmly announced: "Attention Wal-Mart customers: All black people leave the store now," in a New Jessey Wal-Mart.  This morning I've heard two news reports about it:  "The identity of the man is still unknown, but investigators are working on it."   Do I need to say it?  Evidently, yes.

Yes, Virginia, there are haters out there.  People who hate Blacks.  People who hate Orientals.  People who hate Whites.  People who hate Jews.   People who hate Christians.
People who hate Republicans.  People who hate anchovies.  In every case (except maybe the anchovies) they are a small, very small, minority.  Americans are not haters, except in time of war against alien enemies who threaten our freedom, and national interests.  When the war is over, we don't hate them anymore.

 I don't know what prompted the announcement; nobody does.
Maybe a white store employee was goofing one of his black associates, and they laughed asses off afterwards?   And, in a nation of 300,000,000 people, why would this garner more than an item of interest in a local New Jersey newspaper?  Because, playing up racial hatred is deemed beneficial by certain political activists in the country.  Ahem.  And because it occurred in a Wal-Mart, whom these same activists view as emblematic of the "white hick America" they hate, all the better.  That's why.  "Attention Congressional Democrats"


archie macdonald said...

Yes, it's a big story because it fits the narrative. This story, not so much, although it's far more scary.

an ignorant dickweed said...

Walmart has cameras everywhere yet they have no idea who did it?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Evidently an arrest has been made - prolly a customer. Someone e-mailed me the story earlier in the week. I didn't post it, but responded, "I expect a lawsuit will be filed on behalf of the 12,874 blacks who were shopping at the time."

I picked this from the linked story.

"There have been several past instances of black customers claiming they were treated unfairly at Walmart stores, and the company faced lawsuits alleging that women were passed over in favor of men for pay raises and promotions.

In February 2009, the retailer paid $17.5 million to settle a class action lawsuit alleging racial discrimination in its hiring of truck drivers."

Josh Fahrni-Barn Army Dog Catcher said...

I worked at Walmart, so I feel pretty qualified in saying this;

There are a gazillion public phones on the sales floor. Next time you're in a Walmart, look. Most of them have a "page" button. You hit it, and you go. When I worked there, we had idiot customers do something stupid with the phones at LEAST ten times.

Walmart Cameras do NOT cover every inch of the store. The poles with phones are usually located around where associates SHOULD be (but often aren't, because of our boss's) and the cameras only cover the high traffic areas. It's incredibly easy to steal from Walmart, considering they don't monitor the cameras live. There are many, many, many areas of a Walmart store that are uncovered (Housewares is one, Seasonal items is one, areas close to fitting rooms, etc).

I worked in a Northern Arizona store and in a town of majority whites, over half of the store were Indians (and not very nice ones) and about five of them were black. This is made odd because of the fact that I had never seen a black man in town outside of them working at Walmart.

They might be careless with phone access (some of the newer models we got while I worked there, required a page code), and it might be stupid that every inch of Walmart isn't covered...They're hardly racists. It's a bunch of race baiting crap.

Alear said...

Edifying expansion, Josh, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Turns out it was a 16 yr. old kid.....race still unknown.

Ad rem...

Anonymous said...

Just go to youtube and search 'walmart paging prank' and you'll get pages of videos of chuckleheaded teen boys doing stupid things with the intercoms. Hell, I did it when I was a kid, 25 years ago. Announcing sales on tampons was always a hit amongst us pre-cerebrum guys.
It is tempting to go into a Walmart with a camera to get video of the results of an announcement of "Attention Walmart shoppers. Will all white shoppers please leave the store now." Bet it doesn't get local coverage, much less national. Why? Because no white would be such a sensitive, delicate little flower and call the police. And if they did - what is the crime, exactly, that this guy was arrested for in Joisey?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Now we've got Black Caucus Dems saying that Teabaggers were calling them"N_s"

Excuse me if I don't believe them. They are super leftwing democrats after all (liars).

Mike C said...

I was at the protest and I very much doubt that happened. Consider:
1) most congressman avoided the protesters. There are tunnels between to office buildings and the capitol. the congressman choose to walk through the crowd - to set up such an incident.
2) there is a video on instapundit showing confrontation - there was no spitting and only "kill the bill" chants - and the police had the walkways cordoned off - you know - to keep the riff-raff from actually getting close to the congressman.
3) I saw on c-span another congressman take the floor and talk about how he heard chants of "kill obama bill". When I mentioned this to my family, my 8 year old said - "no - they were saying kill THE bill". Stuff like this just makes them look foolish.

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