Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chips & Blades

Done &  Done 
From the RKOF test labs

I finally did the microchips from here, and they are spectacular.  Well, pretty good, anyway. This is the first batch, and I suspect each succeeding effort will see improvements. Took 5 minutes in my microwave.

  This morning I decided to see if this guy was right,  in claiming that you can sharpen a Bic type razor indefinitely? (he's up to 20 months using the one he's holding).  How?  By using your forearm as a razor strop.  Rub the blades backward (duh) 10 times.  Yup. Worked like a charm this morning on "old nick."  My ass is as smooth as a baby's cheeks.

Am I sorry that I just destroyed the potato chip and disposable razor industries?  Yes.  I wish I could take it all back now.  Use these tricks to save money, but don't tell anyone.


DougM said...

(What? Oh ... backwards.)

Alear said...

Well, Gillette is a cut above Bic, but I routinely use a blade for 8 months. This one I'm gonna try for a year. And no need for the rub it backwards, that's just a schtick I'm sure.

an ignorant dickweed said...

I have been doing the microwave chip thing for the past few weeks. You need plenty of spray or they will stick. Not enough room/too few chips. But still a great idea.

Also try different spices on them before cooking.

Anonymous said...

Been doing this for years and yes, it does work! A $1 disposable razor lasts me 3-6 months using this approach.

What the guy in the video is doing, whether knowingly or not, is giving the blade a fine coat of oil (from his skin) which inhibits corrosion. I use an old leather belt hanging on a hook beside the sink, but to each his own.

Whiskers don't dull a blade; damage comes from the chemicals in shave cream which corrode the metal and dull the edge. Rinse with water & dry with a clean towel (or simply blow away any droplets of water) and give a quick pass on the back of that belt (or forearm).


Anonymous said...

Society is pretty messed up when men have to hold a blade to their throat just to start the day & please "society". Grow a beard.

clem said...

You know what they say: if God had wanted men to have beards, he'd have given us facial hair.

Anonymous said...

I saw a tip that keeping the razor in a glass of mineral oil did wonders for extending it's life. It also keeps the lube strip slippery.

Re: microwave chips, you've GOT to be kidding. 5 minutes for 1 mouthful? I don't care how good they are, the production rate is unacceptable! I gots me a Presto Cool Daddy, I can make 'em 20 times that rate!


Rodger the Real King of France said...

I know. Deep fat fryers are so much more energy efficient. :) Seriously, this appeals to me for a few reasons. If I open a bag of potato chips, I eat a bag of potato chips. See what I'm saying? This way, I don't buy the bag. When I have a yen, I can have a small bag, that taste better IMO, in 7 minutes from idea to tummy. And there's the "mommy- look what I made" factor as well.

Anonymous said...

Run the blades backwards over some course denim and they work well. I use two razors, a Bic disposable for my face that lasts months with the denim trick and Mach IIIs that last about 3 days for my scalp. Used to burn a Mach III a day doing both.

MitchM said...

Gonna try the razor thing and the chip one too. Hmmm, I wonder how sweet potatoes and turnips and parsnips will work.

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