Monday, March 08, 2010

Commie automaton

Yes we have traffic cam technorogy,
but this way more beneficiar


Anonymous said...

Dear gods, they're cute.

Slim build, above knee skirt, black school-girl shoes and white socks....

But most of all that strict posture and expression that's invested by outside authority, rather than arising from self-confidence and natural command presence. That just begs to be taken down.

I feel awful for saying this but...I wonder how many of them get raped on the way home?

And how much of that tightly-packaged anger comes from having to submit to a power-mad boss?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

uh ... I hate to say this, but that reasoning is a shade ... déclassé

Anonymous said...

I'm torn between, "Why, thankee!" and "I did say I hated to say it". Take your pick.

But you want déclassé?

There's only two ways I can interpret this: Either Koreans are so beaten down they submit to these powerless, unarmed children as legitimate symbols of an all-too powerful state; or the girls are deliberately set out as bait to give the frustrated easy targets.

Hm, one more possibility: a statist bureaucrat who just thought they'd look good, and never considered the effect on the girls or the public.

I bet the rape-rate is either nil or sky-high, and I can't decide which is worse. Either way, I'm sure the girls themselves are regarded as disposable.

That's doing déclassé as only the commies can.

badfrog said...

No violent rape, but sex on command by their superiors. Certainly there are a hundred girls after their positions. Make the boss happy, or you'll be regulating barge traffic in the underground sewers.

Anonymous said...

Anon, you a Chi-mo?

Anonymous said...

Right out of 1984, the Junior Anti-Sex league.

What a completely (*#&$(ed-up country. In almost every respect.

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