Monday, March 22, 2010

Flying Wookies - a Culture War Gagorama

A Flying Wookie Gag-O-Rama
Ideo ars ideologia

Boned Jello

The Simpsons
I've commented before on the Simpsons seeming shift into raw politics, of the leftist political suasion (The Simpsons go to the dark side?; Lisa Simpson, Enemy of the Week). So far this season, there have been two episodes that buttress that observation.

"The Color Yellow" (Feb 21st) Lisa searches the family tree and discovers a lone heroine among the brigands, horse thieves, and snake oil salesman. Her great-great grandma Eliza left her slave owing husband, and ran away with a slave with whom she procreates.  The Simpsons celebrate the news that they are actually  African American.

If the story-line showed that the Simpsons suffered community bias as a result, it would be possible to exit having made an object lesson about discrimination.  Instead, what we have is another example of the racism that consumes Liberal politics.  "We were crap before, but now that we're octoroonish, let's celebrate." But *sotto voice* what of unfortunate tie to the 1998 episode, where Lisa discovers a family gene that makes the Simpsons unintelligent as they grow older?  Sigh. That's what happens when you tailor history to fit ideology, wot. Which brings us to last night's further example.

  "Stealing First Base"
      Principal Skinner announces that Mrs. Krabappel was called out of town and budget cuts dictate that, until she returns, the school's two fourth grade classes will merge. Bart reluctantly shares a desk with Nikki (guest voice Sarah Silverman) and develops a flirtatious rapport. Bart talks to Grampa about his new crush, and at Grampa's suggestion, gives Nikki a kiss. But when Nikki starts sending Bart mixed signals, he swears off women forever. Meanwhile, Lisa's classmates ostracize her for being an overachiever, and First Lady Michelle Obama (guest voice Angela Bassett), a self-professed nerd, comes to Lisa's defense.

The central story-line has Bart impulsively kissing a fourth grade girl.  Her parents are a feminist lawyer, and a gummint prosecutor.  They threaten a harassment lawsuit, and become the butt of some much deserved parody.  Then, out of sub-plot left field comes this gagger.  A flying Wookie

I, with sadness, rest my case.


Gayle Miller said...

So where's the clip about the Emperor's wife - the Wookie? I found myself thinking of them whilst watching the debut of Jamie Oliver's new show wherein he has taken on the task of completely remedying the eating habits of Huntington, West Virginia, a city of 50,000. Supposedly it is the unhealthiest city in the country. My comment is, so what! If that's their choice then that's their choice. Who is this British pipsqueak with bad teeth to tell them how to eat!?

Theodora von Wisenheimer said...

The Simpsons jumped the shark a long time ago. They've gotten repetitive, predictable, and yes, preachy. Watch [i]The Amazing Race[/i] instead.

Anonymous said...

I live right down the road from Huntington for 56 years.
I've been all over the States and Huntington isn't any 'unhealther' than Auburn,Knoxville,Phoenix ect.
West Virginia makes good press cos we allz just a buncha Hicks,don'tcha know.


Anonymous said...

I always thought the Simpsons looked "high yaller".
Apologies to Sam Clemens

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