Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grand Old RINO

GOP Talking Immigration Cave-in

More Republicans have acknowledged that the GOP must change its tune on Latinos and immigration, especially in the lead-up to midterm elections. This week, RNC Chair Michael Steele not only agreed to a meeting with an immigration advocacy group (after the group staged a sit-in), but went a step further to say that he’s concerned with harsh GOP rhetoric on immigration…  (cont)

That was the last thing I posted last night, before throwing the master switch off!

 "... change its tune on Latinos and immigration."

Translation: pander, and join the left in dumpster diving for illegal alien votes.   And, here's another disturbing thought. 
Where were all the GOP's  Obamacare television infomercials last week?   The ones that should have been asking questions like, "Why does Obamacare fund the hiring of 16,000 new IRS agents?"   I didn't see squat, which makes me wonder whether GOP muck-a-mucks wanted it to pass?  And use it as a campaign tool? 

Don't laugh.  These are the people who gave us Bob Dole and John McCain.  The same people distanced themselves from every conservative candidate for the past several years.  The RINO party.
Boned Jello

Official GOP Motto


pdwalker said...

RepublicRats - determined to snatch defeat from the savaging jaws of victory.

Bring back dueling.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

This is why I never give any $$ to the party. I only give to individual candidates.

I have had enough of McCain types getting into power.

Anonymous said...

Fire Steele + hire Sarah= GOP WINS

Spunky Texan said...

Simple plan

If the ballot has the word incumbent next to it, vote the other.

The GOP has been a bunch of spineless wimps since they won control of both houses of congress and the white house.

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