Friday, March 19, 2010

The "I" Word

The Tradition Continues

Boned Jello

Boned Jello

WOW! For the record, this is the first time the "I" word has been used  in the WSJ, as it pertains to anyone in the Clinton administration.

Posted by: Rodger Schultz (pecksnif@EROLS.COM)
     10/10/97 05:57:03 PDT

WOW! For the record, this is the first time the "I" word has been used in a general circulation daily newspaper, as it pertains to Obama.

The comments made on this Free Republic post in 1997 show that when it comes to democrats, nothing changes. For example:

To: (the other) Deb

     Deb, just tell Levin that the president is guilty of baldly violating
     the law of the land, and that the violations are too serious for him
     to comb over any longer.
     From: jsh555 ()
     10/10/97 08:41:43 PDT

Boned Jello


Josh Fahrni-Barn Army Dog Catcher said...

We stand upon the brink of a precipice. We peer into the abyss – we grow sick and dizzy. Our first impulse is to shrink from the danger.

Unaccountably we remain.

- E. A. Poe

Did he know Obama was coming? :-p

MiketheRadioMan said...

Obviously, the author of that article is a bit behind the times - the gummint is already taking over student loans. I got that letter several months ago.

Anonymous said...

"the "I" word" has been my favorite dream for about a year now.
I believe the writer is wrong about "impeaching Mrs. Pelosi", though. AFAIK, the member's house must request the member's resignation, otherwise, it's up to the next election.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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