Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Looterman Jr.


Josh Fahrni-Barn Army Dog Catcher said...

HFS! It's former Louisiana Representative William Jefferson, grab him!

Anonymous said...

From shoes to shoe polish. Never miss a beat here, eh? Luv it.

JMcD said...

It's that time of year again, so here's my day after St.Paddy's Day song:

When Irish eyes are bleeding,
Sure it's like a rushing spring.
In the crush of Irish migraines,
You can hear the demons sing.
When Irish are hungover,
All the world seems loud and fey.
So when Irish eyes are bleeding,
Take the smell of that pint away.♫♪

T'was a tear in your eye,
last night at the sty,
A thinking about Patty's songs.
With such power in your smile,
And great thirst all the while,
There was ne'er a full mug in a mile.
When your sharp lilting cackles raised your drinking mate's hackles,
And your eyes twinkled bright as could be,
You laughed all the while and all other times smiled,
The payoff's this sad penalty.♫♪
Repeat first verse. Composed by James McDowell

Anonymous said...

Epic Beard Guy was unavailable for comment.

SondraK, Lympian Slayer said...

I. Can't. Freaking. Breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!

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