Saturday, March 06, 2010

NCAA Brackets

Hoops Bracketology for the Aficionado

Boned Jello

BTW, if you haven't seen Bracketology 101 before, they've been one of the most accurate sites in picking the tourney participants and their seeds over the last few years. They make Lunardi look like a 4 year old making picks. And they also question other experts on their picks. - DT
Terps are currently a 5 seed.  AWK.  Number 12 seeds upset the 5 so often that it prolly shouldn't be an upset. All this presupposes that they win today's regular season closer. The Terps have a habit of losing to the worst team in the world after upsetting a ranked team, and that would be Virginia.


Dr. Hardcrab said...


How do you PS a tortoise mounting a "Cavelier"?



Dr. Hard "Spelling Bee" Crab said...


or even a CavAlier?


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