Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Oh, we'll get you."

Man Who Carried Gun In
Park Has Permit Revoked

His gun-carry permit was current and the gun was legal, but he pissed off the law.

Boned Jello

First, Nashville reporterette Heather Jensen penned this gem.
... he carried an AK-47-type pistol into Radnor Lake State Park.
It's hard to trust her to get the rest of it right,  but let's stipulate that Leonard Embody did twice (legally) carry arms in the state park.  There was prolly a little poking a stick in the park ranger's eye the second time, with predictable if not lawful results. Embody filed a federal lawsuit against the Radnor Lake State Park ranger.  [NOTE:  I wouldn't have done that.  I'd have gone back to that park a third time]  Friday, he received a certified letter from the Tennessee Department of Safety stating his gun carry permit was revoked.

"There was a material likelihood that I was a risk to the public," Embody said of the letter.

What a bunch of knob-munching canker blossoms. I suppose Embody might be one of them who just piss people off by showing up, like Keith Olbermann, or Barbara Boxer. Don't matter.  He broke no law. He says he "doesn't consider himself a gun rights activist but ...  strongly believes (Tennessee's) gun legislation is flawed, often outdated, vague or contradictory."   Is it? 
"The only way you can carry the handgun is to carry it openly in your hand," Embody said.
Whoa.  So that's two prollems that need fixing.  A vindictive, heavy handed state agency, and that.  Props to Leonard Embody.


Anonymous said...

What's an AK-47 style pistol?
It's a shame that this kind of thing happens in the home state of Sgt York.


Anonymous said...

AK-47 type pistol
Must have been one a them dangerous 9 caliber pistol magnums with a large capacity clip. It's a AK-47 type because it has some wood on it or it was made in Rumania.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Arthur said...

More than likely , it was a barrel that was too short. Everyone know that anytime anyone gets within 5 miles of an AK with a barrel shorter than 16.3" turns into a homicidal maniac.

root@localhost.localdomain said...

Anonymous said...

Another gun confiscation story from Oregon.

Anonymous said...

No, there are AK 47 style pistols; under 16" barreled Aks with the folding stock removed. They are re-manufactured in this country and sold as pistols. they are the same 7.62x39 cal as the AK 47 semi autos. and they take the same magazines.
Look at J& G Sales' ads for AKs and they are listed there.

eyes wide open said...

I was looking at the photo of him on his bike.... I started thinking about what I would do if I were driving up next to him.... would I wave and give the thumbs up or would I steer clear worried about seeing someone in public with an ak? I found myself empathizing with an ignorant but nervous public.... I think we ought to be exercising prudence in deference to the fears of our neighbors. Most of our neighbors are ignorant of the fact that they are safer because we are well armed but if we cause them to fear, as some have given them reason to fear, we will only harm our cause. Prudence does not say we do not carry in public, it says we do so discretely. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Yep agree about the exercising reasonable prudence but I have witnessed folks from the Eastern Seaboard FREAK OUT at a properly holstered and legally carried 1911, here in AZ.
THEY are unreasonable at that point.
as to the guy in the photo, heck, my wife has more and better guns in here SUV:-)


Anonymous said...

I agree with eyes. It is technically legal to open carry in my home state of LA. That said they will get you for disturbing the peace. Perhaps one day we will get to the place where seeing guns doesnt scare these nancies, but until then carry concealed and educate your friends. This accomplishes nothing but gives the brady asshats more ammo.

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