Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pass the salt?

Rejectio ad absurdum

Boned Jello

Government controlled heath care has always been comprised of two disagreeable components. "More expensive and vastly more inefficient," describes the first.  It's here that the battle against, what has become the Administration's  bricolage of crap, bribes, and falsehoods has been focused.   But skulking in the wings is the second, more sinister consequence.  Government control of every aspect of our lives.

It's difficult to introduce this argument, because it smacks of politics, and will thus cause those schooled in the joy of gummint to lash out, like sharks, at anything that moves.  So, how fortuitous that, at this crucial juncture, the enemy have once again overreached.  Absurdly so.

In just 17 words, Liberals have painted a mind bubble  that every man, woman, and child in the country will see, and comprehend.  Pass the popcorn, but without salt. :)


Chuck Martel said...

How can you possibly make barbecue without salt? Have these people ever actually cooked a meal?

Anonymous said...

"vastly less inefficient"???coying

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Chuck, I think this concept is in play here.

Anon, thanks for catching that.


pdwalker said...

I read through the comments. There were over 80. Not one thought this is a good idea. Most were along the lines of "it's frackin' stupid".

One person said, "chiefs often salt too much, but this is not the way to deal with it" and one was (sarcastically) "in favor".

The sheeple are obviously not quite ready for their Socialist Overlords.

pdwalker said...
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Anonymous said...

I can't better Thomas Paine, “That government is best which governs least.”
righty gomez

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I think we have long ago stipulated that our government is nowhere near being its best.

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