Monday, March 29, 2010

The Road to Nuremberg Trials II

common DNA strands
Heinrich Himmler, Lavrentiy Beria, Henry Waxman
Nerdy looking trade school graduate
Nerdy looking lawyer with no experience outside of gummint

You can't tell what people will do by their looks, or profession.  That is, unless you possess the ability to watch someone, and then interpolate behavior into his action figure, like me. 
Boned Jello
In a political movement comprised of despicably leftist partisan thugs, Henry Waxman (along with, possibly, Barney Frank) stands out.  Waxman dreams of running a US version of Buchenwald; I've seen it in my mind's eye.   Just so you know who we're dealing with.

Yesterday I posted  AT&T to Book $1 Billion Cost on Health-Care Reform.  Henry Waxman didn't like the implication that Obamacare, the steaming piece of crap he and comrades shoved down a reluctant nation's throat, would cripple the nations industry as was predicted. So ...
Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, has summoned some of the nation's top executives to Capitol Hill to defend their assessment that the new national health care reform law will cost their companies hundreds of millions of dollars in health insurance expenses.  Waxman is also demanding that the executives give lawmakers internal company documents related to health care finances -- a move one committee Republicans describes as "an attempt to intimidate and silence opponents of the Democrats' flawed health care reform legislation." [Read the rest at Dennis the Peasant, and seethe]
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Isadore "Chilidog" Pike said...

Didn't he used to be Punxsutawney Phil, or maybe I'm confusing him with that damn gopher in Caddy Shack.

Anonymous said...

I think he was Ned Ryerson. You know, "Needlenose Ned"? "Ned the Head"? C'mon, buddy. Case Western High. Ned Ryerson: I did the whistling belly-button trick at the high school talent show? Bing! Ned Ryerson: got the shingles real bad senior year, almost didn't graduate? Bing, again. Ned Ryerson: I dated your sister Mary Pat a couple times until you told me not to anymore? Well?

O.K. Maybe he was Charlie Haggers.

Anonymous said...

“If someone is so fearful that they are going to start using their weapons to protect their rights, it makes me very nervous that these people have weapons at all.”

pdwalker said...

Here's a dork who's going to take revenge on all the people who made his life miserable while he was growing up.

David said...

The "summoned top executives" unless actually subpoenaed to appear should send some junior executive who is looking for a promotion to respectfully tell Congress to pound sand.

Anonymous said...

When I was with the telco, they used to comment that the person selected to answer questions at hearings was someone who had little to no knowledge beyond their little fiefdom. They could honestly say "I don't know a thing about that."
They didn't care if you ended up looking like an dumb ignoramus.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

"Here's a dork who's going to take revenge on all the people ..."

I see the typical democrat lawmaker this way:

In school they are hall monitors, on the AV team, SGA, and any other activity where they can have some dominion over others. And it never ends.

True story about Steny Hoyer:

I was nominated for (and not by myself) for dorm president as a freshman, at the UofM. I was putting up a flyer on the BB when Steny Hoyer introduced himself, and asks which party I'm with. None I answer. Well why not affiliate with the Freestate (or Old Line - I forget) campus party.

What's the diff I ask?

Well, we're for what's best for the everyone, and they're focused on the Greeks (frats and sororities). Well, says I, "I'm pledging a fraternity, so if I joined a party it would be that one."

I won the election. But. Someone on the S.G.A. (Hoyer) pulled my first semester grades and noticed that without my "A" in Gym, a 1/2 credit hour class, my GPA was 1.99856 - and did not meet the minimum requirement of a 2.0 to hold office. I didn't really give a crap, but I did think at the time that, "here was on officious little prick." How right I was.

Gayle Miller said...

Henry Waxman is an officious, nasty, virulently hate-filled jerk - but that doesn't make him a bad person! What makes him a bad persons is that he is in a position to do harm to others and he seems to glory in that!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call him a prick, because that's a better part of a man. I'd call him a MFCS piece of puke sh**.

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