Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rotten Mayo

In a flash, he was out!


I saw this WTF blurb on DRUDGE yesterday.

From the first day of his occupation, Obama's job approval rating has steadily eroded, and been in negative territory for months.  But, wait!  After engineering The  Great Government Takeover, detested by  landslide numbers of voters, we are to believe he's out of the pit of death, in a flash"!" 

Real Clear Politics uses unweighted polling averages from all players. Adding one spoiled egg with two fresh eggs leaves you with spoiled mayonnaise.  See if you can find the historically, way wrong, in-the-tank democrat  rotten eggs in this olio. I know.  Democrats rail against Rasmussen's polling technique, algorithms, results, and the neckties he wears, but unlike everyone else in this list, he's almost always right. 

Members of the Democrat Party Media Complex famously use jiggered election polling results to encourage Liberal voters, and discourage Americans,  Then, in the last days before the reckoning  they will come down to earth.   But, presidential approval polling is a free ride for the unscrupulous, since there is no accounting. So, as it is in all things politics, it's wise to take one's character into account in these matters. Oui?

RCP Obama approval ratings

I can't account for the CNN anomaly, except that they no longer know what they're doing, nor where they want to go.


Lanis Folion said...

There were 100's of thousands of fans of the Impeach Obama Group during election time. Now I can't find one over 15k. That's such BS. Unless the Whitehouse announcement that they were scouring Facebook for dissenters scared everybody off. It did me....these people are nasty.

Josh Fahrni-Barn Army Dog Catcher said...

Impeachment doesn't work. Americans can dislike a man and his policies all day long, but it seems that if he's a Democrat, and you level the sword on him; there's a backlash.

I'd rather destroy his majorities, ties his hands until 2012, and vote him out. Impeachment is a quick way to become ignored in the great debate...It's the same with Hitler mustaches, and groups who use death threats.

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