Friday, March 19, 2010

So, who will care?

Stop the press
Whores caught Whoring
... leaked memo, allegedly from Congressional Democratic leadership to members, that seem to make it clear that the majority knows its health-care bill is not deficit neutral.

Boned Jello
We have increasingly noticed how right-wing fringe trying to pick apart the CEO score. We cannot emphasize enough: do not allow yourself (or your boss) to get into a discussion of the details of the CBO scores and textual narrative. Instead, focus only on the deficit reduction and number of Americans covered.  ....

I list these letters only to warn you of coming attscks from right-wing operatives and Republican sympathizers in the media. Those anti-reform extremists are making a last-ditch effort to derail reform. Do not give them ground by debating details. (For example, the March  11 letter has estimates of discretionary costs not accounted in the total)
This is maddening.   It's Madonna porking the entire First Marine Division.  Just another day at the office.  Move along, nothing to see here.


Josh Fahrni-Barn Army Dog Catcher said...

You know, the fact that there aren't people in DC with pitchforks and torches is amazing. This is so unpopular now, and yet I still think most people don't know how bad it truly will be. You'd think when they say they wont talk about details, people might stop being sheep and wake up.

Pretty sad state of affairs all around.

Gayle Miller said...

No clue what's on the agenda for tomorrow kids. Me, I'm staying safe and secure 51 miles South of Ground Zero and lobbing my verbal pitchforks and cauldrons of tar at these disgusting Congresscritters. Calling them whores is to insult the whores! The state of Virginia already has their Federal lawsuit paperwork at the ready to file suit against this despicable piece of crap - and some 30+ states are waiting patiently to sign on in support!

With all of this well known to Pelousy and her cabal of idiots - still they soldier on, despicably insulting those who put them into their cushy jobs with high salaries and superlative benefits!

Deb S. said...

y'know... people are in shock, I think. This is not the country we grew up in. It is maddening. I think the whole country is suffering mass trauma.

That, or nearly everyone's a zombie.

Anonymous said...

I saw this over at sipsey street and I think it is pertinent. A dictator outlines what it takes to have a successful uprising and what is required to start one.

Let me ask you, where are we at on the path?

"I hesitated to print this article in full because Museveni is, at the least, a disenguous old ex-communist crocodile who glosses over much of his own record over the last forty years.

"The Strategy of Protracted People's War: Uganda

Remarks by General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda, to students and faculty of the Command and General Staff College, Combined Arms Center, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, on 26 September 2008.


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