Wednesday, March 24, 2010


GOP Talking Immigration
Reform Ahead of Elections
Boned Jello

Wants some of that illegals Latino vote


an ignorant dickweed said...

You think because they have an "R" after their name they are on your side.

Anonymous said...

The SEIU plan to steal your 401k is afoot.

Anonymous said...


I was down in DC on Sunday and saw the crowd of pro immigration protestors. .. It was about 30,000 + well organized people.

What I can't figure out is WHY the immigrants will continue to vote for democrats. They came to the US because of the opportunity and the jobs provided by largely republican employers (Rodge - the republican business people who hired illegals are huge ratbastards)

Here's a plan

1. If the bill can be stopped in the senate - do it there.

2. If not, then the republican house and senate votes unanimously for the bill.

3. Couple that with a massive ad campaign directed at the immigrants: "See we are your amigos... the democrats want to destroy the system you came here for. they were the party of slavery and want to enslave you for your votes. you came here for the healthcare and they are going to wreck that"

4. Perhaps encourage the immigrants to form their own third party

I'm not sure it would work. It is a crazy reckless plan but there is a possibility it could be pulled off. If the GOP could get even 25% of them they would stop the dems from getting an overwhelming majority.

One reason this ***Might*** work is that many of the immigrants, if not an overwhelming majority, are catholic. Play on that.

Again, this is like the davy crockett. When you are facing a commie columns of tanks coming at you you launch the Davey with it's approximately 2950 foot kill radius and approximately 3000 foot range

Turing word - dingout.. I gues your turing doesnt' like house reps who want to control the people either..

Anonymous said...

btw - the post above about the plan was me, bullseye

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