Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Welcome to Kenya

Someone didn't get the message


Gayle Miller said...

The sign doesn't say Father or Son! Still it's interesting!

Anonymous said...
1.)Why isn't this screaming on the front pages?
2.) Because we are being blinded and preoccupied with "Health Care Reform."
WTH else is is rising from the stinking pit of this Monster in Chief???

Anonymous said...

yes, i mean "in"

SFAOV Sgsaur said...

Sorry guys, but that ones a fake. Snopes has the whole story and the original picture. In a nutshell, the pic was taken elsewhere and the wording was added via Photoshop.

Kristophr said...

Do not believe Snopes on anything political.

The site owner is a far left retard, and has lied on his own site in the past on strictly political stuff.

Anonymous said...

Kristopher~~ High five on that one!

Anonymous said...

ya know i fnd it interestin that no other (caucasion) countries round the werld have elected a leader of a different race. like when was there ever a black prime minister of fwance? or a moosalem

Word:supcrudg HA HA HA

dr kill said...

That's not what the Arabic says. I'd tell you how I know, but then I'd have to kill you.

Anonymous said...

see cactus in foreground, cactus is anew world only plant but is in a few gardens in Africa.

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