Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Will this madness end? With us intact?

To save Obama's presidency ...

Boned Jello

This E-21 discussion of Obamacare is a gold nugget wrapped in kraft paper.  Some excellent points made- e.g.
In a recent essay in the Washington Post, EJ Dionne argued that we had no choice but to accept that government would grow larger in the future “because the private economy will not offer the same security it once did through employer-provided health and pension plans.”

The interesting aspect of this theory – which is hardly unique to Dionne – is the view that the government is some entirely disconnected entity that is able to finance obligations too weighty for households. If one assumes that government’s budget capacity comes entirely from the taxes it imposes on households – Dionne’s framework is unintelligible. If outlays are too great for the household sector to bear, how could these outlays be any more affordable for an entity entirely financed by the same households?
The idea of government as an entity entirely separate from the households that fund it is not only silly, but also exceedingly harmful, because it distracts from the serious business of confronting trade-offs and establishing realistic expectations. 

But, this is no longer a battle of cost v. results, else it's over. It's a battle of ideologies.  Dennis Kucinich just  flipped on health care to "Save Obama's presidency" --- instead of standing by his previously stated principles.  To save Obama's presidency.   Differences of opinion are healthy.   Differences in ideology are not, nor have they existed at this level in all our history.  There are not two American ideologies.


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