Friday, April 30, 2010

The Catholic Left

The Cult
Here we learn that the the editors at the Catholic magazine Commonweal belong to the Pelosi- Kerry-Kennedy faction of the Church; that Bart Stupak is a lying prick (again); and receive confirmation that Obama's executive order to keep Obamacare from funding abortion was a charade.
If the Commonweal editors believe that this executive order will prevent the public subsidization of abortion or protect taxpayers from funding the killing of unborn children, they are deluding themselves. As law professor Robert A. Destro has noted, for decades the federal courts have held (consistently with the 1977 case Beal v. Doe) that the Medicaid statute (and any other general law mandating “family planning” and certain other categories of service) must be construed to require abortion services unless laws passed by Congress explicitly rule this out. Executive orders sometimes have teeth, but not when they conflict with statutory mandates.

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